Myanmar is Live

Crowdsource by Google: Myanmar is Live!

Crowdsource is a mobile application for Android which you can use to answer short questions to improve Google’s AI and which in turn improve Google products in your languages. With your contributions, you feed data into Google’s machine learning algorithms and models to train AI better. There’s also web application for other platforms.

As a Crowdsource influencer, I have always wanted to share about Crowdsource to my colleagues and friends. All in all, AI is only as good as data we put into them. We need everyone’s help to feed good data to it.

While I was preparing for my very first event, I came across to this great podcast. Let’s guide podcast host Jan and Google’s Crowdsource product manager AnuragĀ talked about Crowdsource and it was very insightful. Well done to both for organising the session. That encouraged me to start my influencer journey.

I got my top contributor award when I reached level 13 in May. It’s only fair to promote the one you truly believe in, isn’t it? I joined GDG meetup, flutter meetup as per my interest and tried to improve my networking skills. For Myanmar, there’re passionate people who are contributing in Google Maps, Wikipedia, Translations for different platforms including Facebook, and lastly, Unicode migration. It’s my go-to place to announce my planned meetup and everyone were eager to know more about Crowdsource.

Crowdsource team provided slides and notes to get started for the presentation and guided me through. I hope I can continue and do the same here in Australia.