TOY:: Traffic Offences Yangon

In June, Yangon Traffic Police Facebook page posted a list of traffic offences which failed to pay fine. It includes over 300 records of car number plates, location, date and time of offence etc.

It was hard to find since they posted as an image. I decided to create a website to help finding if their cars are in the list.

Go visit TOY:: Traffic Offences Yangon

YTP posted new data in July but I didn’t have a chance to update the website yet. My friends from MUA and I had to retype all the records to upload. It’s troublesome and time consuming. I hope I can get latest data in a spreadsheet or any other soft copy.

Hope you don’t find your number plate there!

Why do I post now? I found some weird keywords in search engines and hope this post will direct them to correct page.

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